Illusion Engineering is the team of Bob Mees and Tom Sullivan. From their early days working together on the cult classic Evil Dead 2 they have finally come together again to develop a line of armatures that are light weight but indestructible, fully articulated and pose-able for many happy hours of shooting. Please message us if you have any questions. Watch for more models in the coming days. Next up: kits with full directions to make your own.


This project is a dream come true. I've been a fanatic of stop motion creature since my first encounter with Willis O'Brien's "King Kong." Ever since I found out about armatures it seemed like a relatively simple machine to construct.  No So.  My first armature was made out of Popsicle sticks and wooden macrame balls.  It worked pretty well but was not strong enough to support a foam rubber body. My first steel armature took 40 hours to build with a hack saw and drill.  It was un-reliable and therefore unusable. I could hardly afford the proper tools needed to construct an armature.

It had always occurred to me that there must be lots of other frustrated animators in the same predicament. This is when I approached my old buddy, Bob, with the idea for an armature company. The problem was how do you mass produce what must be an affordable armature? Obviously, the quality must be professional because everyone is going to want professional results. Thanks to four years of Bob's research on materials and manufacturing techniques, and my designs, we finally have the answer. We feel we've done something quite unique and hope you'll feel the same way. ILLUSION ENGINEERING has lots of other devices and drawing boards. These are products essential to special effects primarily geared for the amateur filmmaker but with profession quality and affordable prices. I can't get too far ahead of myself as those projects are dependent of the success of the armatures. It's very important to us how you feel about our merchandising so please let us know of any suggestions, comments, or problems. You'll find us very responsive. Thank you for your interest in I.E. Have fun and enjoy your creativity.

Tom Sullivan


My background is along different lines than tom’s. I’ve always had a interest in mechanical things. My dad owned a prototype patterns and machine shop. So naturally  learned  at a early age. Since then I’ve worked in pattern and tool and die shops and in the process engineering department of a large foundry. Somewhere in there Tom came to me with the idea of armature construction. The whole idea was a big challenge. There was a lot of experimenting with metals, designs, and techniques to discover the comparable materials for lightness and durability we needed. These parts can be drilled,ground, and modified to do about anything from stop motion to rod puppets. I hope our armatures live up to the heights of your imaginations.

Bob Mees